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Who to invite to the Professional Strategy Meeting

The Professional Strategy Meeting will be chaired by the Designated Officer for Safeguarding for children or adults, who will also identify who will attend.

In cases where a child or an adult protection concern is raised about an individual who is employed under the auspices of Direct Payments, the employer has the particular challenge of fulfilling the role of both employer and parent of the child who may have been harmed or at risk in association with the concern.

The chair in these cases should give particular consideration to how the parents / employer will be supported in contributing to the process. There should be consultation with the parents / employer about the advantages of a third party who is informed about employment law duties / rights to represent parent as an employer at these strategy meetings.

Consideration will be given to inviting the following:

Informing the individual

When informing the individual careful consideration should be given to the following:

Informing parents/ carers, children, adults at risk or their representatives: