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When to contact the police

If there are immediate concerns about the adult’s safety or a criminal offence against an adult at risk has occurred, they should contact the police without delay to protect the adult from the risk of imminent danger.

Examples of possible crimes include: alleged sexual assault, alleged physical injury, allegations of theft, threats and aggressive behaviour by a suspected perpetrator. Human trafficking, honour killings, female genital mutilation (FGM). All the above would indicate that there is a duty to make a report.

If in doubt as to whether an offence has occurred, seek advice from the police.

Reporting possible crimes against an adult at risk of abuse

If the person has capacity and does not want a report made, this should be respected unless there are justifiable reasons to act contrary to their wishes, such as:

If a decision is made that the wishes of an adult at risk with capacity is over-ridden, the reasons for this must be made clear and documented.

If the person does not have capacity in relation to this decision, the reasons for reporting this in the individual’s best interests must be recorded.