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Investigations and co-ordinated multi-agency response to concerns

A safeguarding investigation is a structured process for multi-agency co-operation, to gather evidence and to reach a conclusion as to whether people have been placed at risk or are at ongoing risk. A strategy discussion/meeting will normally precede any investigation and must confirm or decide whether an investigation is required and, if it is, whether the investigation will be criminal and/or non-criminal.

The investigation may involve a number of agencies, who may have additional interests in, and purposes arising from, the investigation. Table 3.1 provides an overview of the type of investigations that may run alongside an assessment of abuse and/or neglect to an adult at risk.

Table showing type of investigation or risk assessment and agency responsible

Table 3.1 Type of investigation or risk assessment and agency responsible (From West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Procedures)

Evidence from the investigation should be submitted in a written investigation report to the adult protection conference.