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Outcomes following a report: initial screening decisions

The initial decision, following screening, should be based on enough information i.e. proportionate, enabling practitioners to determine:

1. No further action to safeguarding

a) No abuse or neglect has occurred

For example, an elderly man who is in receipt of a care and support plan has alleged that money has gone missing from his home. He believes a carer to have taken it and he is therefore a victim of financial abuse. Further information becomes known that the money has been recovered appropriately and no theft occurred.

b) The report does not involve abuse or neglect

For example, a visitor to a care home has alleged seeing a carer refusing to let a resident leave the home, despite the home having an ‘open visits to the community’ approach to care. They report the incident as inappropriate restraint and imprisonment. Further enquiries identify that there is a Deprivation of Liberty (DoLS) in place for the resident, and the actions taken by the carer fully and safely met the DoLS and care and support plan needs of the individual.

c) This is a one-off incident with a very low level of repetition risk and another approach is warranted

For example, a single incident of medication error within a care home environment. Immediate remedial action is subsequently undertaken by the home manager.

2. Enquiries are required – as there is reasonable cause to suspect adult is at risk (s.126(2) of the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2014) and further enquiries are necessary to establish whether abuse and/or neglect have occurred.

3. That the adult has needs for care and support and an assessment under

Part 3 of the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2014 should begin as soon as the needs are identified. This should be with the consent of the adult at risk if they have the mental capacity to make this decision. This assessment can run alongside any enquiries into the possible abuse and neglect. The report made and subsequent outcomes should inform any care and support plan.