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Adult protection conference: the rationale

An adult protection conference should be arranged if the outcome of the s126 enquiries and strategy meeting/discussion, is:

It is crucial that the adult at risk, dependent on mental capacity to make best interest decisions at a particular time, is in control of decisions as to how the risks they face in relation to abuse and neglect are managed.

This is most likely to be achieved if:

It is essential that adults at risk are offered and supported by an independent advocate throughout the process if required.

When making the decision to hold an adult protection conference, practitioners should draw on the following:

(See Section 3 part 1 the strategy meeting/discussion)

The adult protection conference is a case specific, multi-agency meeting with the individual adult at risk and their advocate.

An adult protection conference will normally take place when:

An adult protection conference should, in all cases, follow an investigation into the abuse, unless it is the expressed wish of the adult that they do not require a conference.

The aims

The aims are:

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