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The adult protection conference: roles and responsibilities

The lead co-ordinator for social services should ensure that an adult protection conference is convened, chaired and a record taken (see local guidance for chairing arrangements).

The responsibilities of participants at the conference are to objectively analyse, in an inter-agency setting:

The chair

Normally a conference will be chaired by a lead co-ordinator for social services. In certain circumstances another agency may chair the conference where that agency has more appropriate professional expertise or experience, who will be referred to as the delegated lead co-ordinator **.

In large-scale investigations a more senior/independent person may be required to co-ordinate and chair.

The chair of the conference should be satisfied that sufficient information is available in order for the conference to make an informed judgement about the continuing risk of abuse or neglect to the adult at risk.

Attendance of practitioners

Attendance will vary depending on those involved with the adult at risk and at the discretion of the lead coordinator but may include:

If any relevant practitioner is unable to attend, they must provide their contributory information in writing to the meeting.

All those attending should have the delegated authority to agree to make decisions about the provision of resources and services that will contribute to the protection plan.

Practitioners undertaking investigations

Any practitioner undertaking an investigation must submit a report summarising their findings and should also attend the adult protection conference.

Their report should be: