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Closure of the safeguarding (adult protection) process

Where s.126 enquiries result in action being taken (Determination 2 & 3), only the lead co-ordinator with members of the strategy meeting/discussion and/or adult protection conference can determine that the safeguarding process can end.

There may be instances where only one strategy meeting/discussion is held and this decision is reached.

What is important, is that it is the responsibility of the strategy group to determine this is based on the information/evidence being provided and that this decision and rationale for making it is clearly recorded.

The decision should be based on:


Wherever possible, the adult at risk should be involved in the conclusion of the safeguarding process.

All relevant agencies and practitioners involved with the adult at risk should be notified when the adult safeguarding process has concluded.

If the adult safeguarding process ends but later the risk increases or abuse or neglect occur then a new report and enquiries should be completed.

Closure due to lack of ongoing engagement by the adult at risk

On occasion an adult at risk may decide not to continue with the plan. The strategy group should meet and explore why the adult at risk has dis-engaged from the plan.

Consideration should be given to: