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Any complaints about the management or conduct of a safeguarding case should be reported to the social services manager responsible for the case. The responsible manager will try to resolve the concerns raised within the safeguarding process if this will not compromise the safeguarding process. There should be no complaints investigation undertaken while there is any chance of this compromising the adult safeguarding process.

Once the safeguarding process is complete the complainant will be consulted to consider whether any residual issues need to progress via the complaint procedure.

When the complaint is about the actions of a practitioner who works for another agency, this should be pursued through the complaint’s procedure of that agency.

Every Regional Safeguarding Board should have a complaints procedure in place for the handling of complaints about a multi-agency process, such as an adult protection strategy meeting. The complaints process should address the multi-agency nature of a process rather than the complaint against the actions of a single agency which should be pursued through their own complaints’ procedure.