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S47 enquiries: analysis and decision-making

In some cases, a single strategy discussion/meeting may be all that is required to gather and analyse information about concerns. However, families and their situations are complex; therefore, further strategy meetings can be useful to formulate the decision making for next steps. At this discussion/meeting practitioners should:

Analysis and making sense of the information gathered

The analysis should consider whether the child is suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm, the following should be considered:

Pointers for Practice: Analysis and Decision-Making

Drawing on the s47 analysis and making decisions: ‘determinations’

Social services are responsible for making a decision about action to take and how to proceed, following s47 enquiries.

The outcomes to be considered are:

Determination 1: Concerns of Significant harm are not Substantiated

Determination 2: Concerns of Significant harm are Substantiated, but the Child is not at Continuing Risk of Significant harm

Determination 3: Concerns Substantiated, and the Child is Judged to be Experiencing or At Risk of Abuse, Harm or Neglect