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Informing the practitioner report-maker of the initial decision

If the initial checks result in no concerns about suspected significant harmto the child, the report-maker should be notified of the outcome and the reasons for the decision should be provided.

The report-maker should ensure that the practitioner who reported a concern that resulted in no further action understands they should:

For example: a youth justice worker reported concerns about emotional abuse of a young person who attends their service, by their mother. The initial checks could not find evidence of this and no further action was taken. The youth justice worker should however keep potential emotional abuse in mind when engaging with the young person and report any change in or deterioration in their circumstances.

A response of no further action must not deter further reports if a practitioner’s concerns continue or circumstances change.

Practitioner disagreements

Practitioners who made the report should be advised if they disagree with the decision and cannot resolve the matter then the disagreement should be addressed using the Regional Safeguarding Board’s Resolution of Professional Concerns and Differences protocol.