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Managing the child protection register

The child protection register lists all children in a local authority area who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm and who are currently subject of a care and support protection plan.

The purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is:

The custodian of the child protection register

The child protection register is administered on behalf of the Regional Safeguarding Board by the social services covering the area where the child is currently living.

The Regional Safeguarding Board is responsible for ensuring that systems and processes are in place for the effective management of the register and accessibility to information by partner agencies.

It is the responsibility of the custodian of the register to ensure:

Enquiries to the child protection register

Enquiries to the register should not be a substitute for appropriate discussion of concern with social services but as part of background information gathering. There will be different enquiries to the register made, depending on why the information is being requested. For instance, CAFCASS may be required to undertake an enquiry to the register as part of their formal process in private proceedings. Alternatively, a health professional may be making an enquiry due to a child being presented at an A&E department and there are safeguarding concerns. The type of enquiry being made should be clearly specified and recorded. Local procedures/pathways should be in place.

Access to the child protection register is restricted to practitioners who have a safeguarding concern. Their identity will be checked.

It is essential that police and health professionals have access to the register both in and outside office hours.

Making an enquiry

The enquirer must be a practitioner from an agency represented on the Regional Safeguarding Board and identity will be checked to ensure the enquirer is legitimate.