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Planning for a child on the register: care and support protection plans

A child whose name is placed on the child protection register at an initial child protection conference should have a care and support protection plan. Under s.37 of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014 the local authority must develop a plan to meet the care and support needs of a child in order to protect them from:

Under their duty to co-operate partner agencies are expected to assist the local authority in the development and delivery of the plan.

The plan is:

N.B. In this section of the procedures the emphasis is on the elements of the care and support protection plan, as it relates to protecting a child from significant harm or the risk of such harm.

Aims of a care and support protection plan

The aims of the plan are to:

Contents of a plan

The plan should:

Child-centred planning

The plan should aim to ensure the child is safe from harm and that their developmental needs are being met.