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The core group

The core group is a multi-agency group of practitioners with responsibility for developing and delivering the care and support, protection plan .

Core group membership

Membership is decided at the time of registration and will include:

Membership is not limited and can include health, education, voluntary sector etc.

Pointers for Practice: Securing Active Participation from Practitioners in Core group

The initial core group meeting

The initial meeting should be held within 10 working days from the child protection conference at which the child was registered.

The aim of the first core group meeting is to:

Pointers for Practice: Initial Core group Meeting - Effective Practice

Developing the care and support protection plan

By the end of the first core group meeting both the family and practitioners should have a clear understanding of:

This is achieved by:

The following questions are designed to achieve this:

N.B. This is not an exhaustive list.

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