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Subsequent core group meetings

Further core group meetings should take place at least once every six weeks, more frequently if required. The purpose is to ensure the care and support, protection plan is being delivered and is achieving the agreed child-focused outcomes.

The tasks for these meetings are:

The following questions should be considered at each meeting (further detail provided in pointers for practice):

All core group members should leave the meeting with a clear and shared understanding as to what they are expected to have achieved by the next meeting.

Any actions should be specifically linked to achieving the desired child-focused outcomes. This ensures both the family and practitioners understand both the rationale informing the actions expected of them and the measures of progress.

Pointers for Practice: Progressing The Plan At Core group Meetings And Securing Effective Engagement By Members

Core group tasks at subsequent core group meetings

Prior to each core group meeting members should:


An effective core group requires active participation by all practitioner members. Therefore, members should make every effort to attend core group meetings. Parents and children are given confusing messages about the importance of attendance and participation if practitioners do not prioritise meetings.

If, however a core group member is unable to attend a meeting they should provide a report that provides sufficient detail regarding contact, work undertaken, challenges and successes, to enable those at the core group to assess the quality and effectiveness of the family and practitioner’s engagement with the plan.

Chairing and participation

Any practitioner member of the core group can chair- it is not the sole responsibility of the care and support protection co-ordinator (social worker).

The core group needs to be chaired effectively.

The chair should:

Record core group meetings

All core group meetings must be recorded in writing, including notes on the actions agreed and decisions taken. The record of the meeting should be distributed to core group members. Good practice suggests the record should be circulated within 5 working days.

The record should include: