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Engaging the parents/carers in the plan

A care and support, protection plan is dependent on the family actively engaging with the core group and the implementation of the plan. Their engagement must focus on achieving child-centred outcomes. Co-production is essential. The family are most likely to engage in the plan if:

Securing engagement of parents

Securing engagement and co-production is most likely to occur if the parents/carers:

When engaging with families it is important that practitioners:

Excluding a parent/carer from the core group

In some cases, a parent/carer may need to be excluded from participating in the core group. If this is the case:

Lack of engagement by the family with the plan

Parents/carers whose children are on the child protection register need to demonstrate both commitment to the plan as well as making the effort to change behaviours. Some may lack the ability and/or motivation to actively engage in the plan.

This lack of engagement can lead to parents:

For example: they attend the required number of parenting sessions, but this has no impact on the lived experience of the child.

For example: the parent always appears to have crises or excuses for failing to attend appointments etc.

For example: failing to keep appointments, moving or not attending agreed sessions with no justifiable excuse.

For example: threatening practitioners, not letting them into the house.

Whilst in some cases, lack of engagement demonstrates a failure to commit to the plan and child-focused outcomes it is not necessarily the case. Therefore, the core group should be specific about the behaviours that demonstrate a lack of engagement and assess what these behaviours are demonstrating.

For example:

N.B. not an exhaustive list

If, after assessing the lack of engagement, it is not possible to progress and implement the care and support protection plan, this need to be to escalated to the relevant social services team manager with a consideration of seeking legal advice. This escalation should wait until a further review conference. If a review conference needs to be brought forward, the care and support protection plan co-ordinator in consultation with the relevant team manager and the conference chair should reconvene the child protection conference.

Pointers for Practice: Influences on Parental Ongoing Engagement with The Plan