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Confidentiality and record of the Professional Strategy Meeting

In view of the potential sensitivity of the information and the lessons of the Bichard Inquiry (date), ( care should be taken in recording the concern and the outcome of the process.

A record of the meeting will be made and retained by the local authority in accordance with their record, retention and disposal policy. Attendees representing the employer should receive a copy of the summary and recommendations of the meeting with the child’s or adult at risk's name removed. All other attendees will receive a copy of the summary and recommendations.

The Designated Officer for Safeguarding will consider any request for a full record of the meeting and ensure that in the event of disclosure, an appropriately redacted version of the record is disclosed.

Where the person makes a data subject access request for the record of the Professional Strategy Meeting, this will be considered and the nominated Designated Officer for Safeguarding will ensure redaction the document prior to disclosure. Other meeting attendees will be made aware of the request and can be sent a copy of the redacted document where requested

Resolving Professional Differences

Where there is a professional difference of opinion, reference should be made to the Regional Safeguarding Board’s Protocol for Resolving Professional Differences.

The Appendices attached to this document aim to provide a framework that both informs and supports best practice.

Appendix 1: Process map

Appendix 1: Process Flowchart