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Adult at risk of abuse and/or neglect: the care and support protection plan

Section 4

An adult at risk, where there is abuse or neglect should have a care and support protection plan. This should be devised by the practitioners participating in the strategy meeting (referred to in the procedures as the ‘strategy group’).

A care and support protection plan should:

  1. follow the requirements set out under Section 54 of the Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) 2014;
  2. be subject to regular review. If an adult protection conference is subsequently held on the adult at risk, any existing care and support protection plan should be reviewed by the conference to ensure that it is effective in protecting the adult at risk.

The care and support protection plan seeks to remove or reduce the risk of abuse or neglect. The plan should include care and support arrangements but particularly emphasise the protection or risk management to support the individual achieve their personal outcomes.

This may include actions such as:

  • the steps to be taken to ensure the individual’s safety in future;
  • the provision of any support, treatment or therapy including on-going advocacy;
  • any modifications needed in the way services are provided;
  • any on-going risk management strategy as appropriate;
  • how best to support the adult through any action they take to seek justice or redress arrangements for regular review of the plan according to the level of risk.

The plan should be:

  • person centred;
  • outcome focused;
  • proportionate and take least restrictive actions;
  • reviewed regularly.

N.B. In these procedures the emphasis is on the safeguarding elements of the plan and any care and support as it relates to protecting an adult at risk from abuse or neglect and the services required to promote recovery from the abuse or neglect.